Terms of Use

User Content

No harmful or illegal content -- respect people:

You may not use this service to upload, publish or distribute violent, harmful and/or illegal content as well as further content not tolerated by the server administrator as outlined below.

Content means all text messages, profiles, images, videos, sound recordings, calls, links and all other user generated content you provide to the service in some way directly or indirectly.

Examples of forbidden content:

We do not tolerate users spreading conspiracy myths such as Corona being a lie or Vaccines containing chips.

You are responsible for your submitted content. Any content may be deleted at any time, we are not liable for damage caused by deletion of content, inability to access the service or termination of your user account.


This service is hosted by an individual in their free time. If you do not agree or comply with the rules outlined in this document, please do not use this service. You are free to host and manage your own Matrix instance for your needs or find another one better suited for you.

The server administrator may at any time cancel your access to this service and permanently delete all of your user generated content at their own discretion.

Your submitted content may be deleted at any time by the server administrator if neccessary.

Reporting Content

We urge you to report malicious content published either by users on this service or on other services to the server administrator to keep this service and the platform safe for everyone else.

Matrix (the protocol behind the service) supports reporting content and many clients (applications to access the service) utilize it. You can use the report functionality to report malicious, illegal or forbidden content to the server administrator. Please note that the reporting functionality will not send a notification to the administrator, so reports may go unknown for a little while. The server administrator tries to check reported content regularly to provide a pleasant experience for users.

For urgent topics please contact me through E-Mail matrix@webfreak.org or on Twitter @WebFreak001


As I am hosting this service in my free time with my own money, only for the purpose of providing high quality access of certain services to my friends and family, while graciously allowing others to also use it, I will not meet the criteria you would expect from a professional chat service company. Whenever using my service please keep in mind that my hardware is limited and due to the inefficient Matrix protocol may sometimes cause delays in processing or be entirely unusable.

Try to avoid

Problematic users will be locked out, data will be deleted or rooms will be closed if deemed a problem.

Generally: I'm hosting this in my free time for fun, just so you don't have to. I don't have a financial incentive to do so and may freely close this service any time. If you annoy me or make the administration harder than it needs to be, the service closure will become more likely.

Privacy Policy

The server is hosted in Germany. German laws apply. Contact matrix@webfreak.org for questions or if you want to view your data or exercise your rights. (replies may be delayed as this service is run by an individual not expecting many outside users)

Your encrypted and unencrypted data may be viewed or shared with law enforcement whenever required by law.

Your unencrypted data may be automatically analyzed and reported for forbidden content. Unencrypted content will not be shared with third parties under any circumstances. Automatically reported or user reported content will be checked by a moderator. For minor violations warnings may be issued and violating content removed, otherwise the moderators may, with or without prior notice, terminate your account and block you from using this service again.

Please refer to https://matrix.org/legal/privacy-notice to see the list of collected data by this service. This service hosts a Synapse Server for the service implementation and Element Web as a default client to access said service on https://c.wfr.moe.

Data generated by visiting this service, such as your IP Address and your User Agent (Browser) will be logged temporarily, typically being deleted after a few days automatically. (log size limit causing old entries to be deleted, the matrix protocol filling up most of the log)

Personal information (E-Mail and Telephone number) you attach to your account may be shared with the currently trusted identity servers (matrix.org, vector.im) as they are needed for account discovery. Please check the identity server privacy notice for more information: https://element.io/is-privacy-notice.

All of your data you decide to share with others publicly or as part of "rooms" or "spaces" inside the service will be shared with all reciepients and may be indefinitely be kept by them if they are not under control of this service. In other words this means messages, profile picture, images, files and everything else you send in rooms or to other people in general may not be fully deletable, as soon as the data is uploaded to other service providers. The matrix protocol allows connecting with many other servers hosted by other individuals and companies across the internet. Malicious parties could therefore advertise themself as part of public rooms and potentially gain access to data shared inside public rooms. If you notice a malicious actor either inside or outside of this service, please report it to the server administrator to take actions.

Matrix gives you the possibility to encrypt data to only make that data readable to selected other parties. The data is stored in encrypted form on this server but is not readable without the decryption keys. The decryption keys are only stored on your device, or if you choose to, can be stored on the server, encrypted with your login password. Encryption may not be effective if you share data on an encrypted public room and have enabled automatic sharing of keys with other users joining the room.

No further data outside of what is collected by the used technologies is collected. This currently means no other third-party companies or individuals other than the ones listed above have access to any of your data. We try to regularly confirm that this is still the case and will take corrective actions whenever it is neccessary.